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Practical application in personnel security, as well as in work, with buyers, clients, partners, competitors, subordinates and relatives.
Phenotypology is the blitz technology of character diagnostics, based on phenotype
(external displays of genetics), in accordance with person’s features.

• Will as a stumbling-block in business negotiations;

• Compensatory mechanisms of people behavior with genetically weak will;
• The clients, who are genetically programmed on sharp and strong resistance in cases of any pressure;
• Injurious rudiments of a person. “predator-like buyer” and “victim-like seller”. How do we act in this kind of situations?;
• “Criminality” diagnostics, genetic propensity to it and its use in business and creative sphere.;
• Compensatory protective mechanisms in people’s nature. Reasons of their formation, value, dangers. Use of these mechanisms in the sphere of sales and negotiations;
• Compensatory protective mechanisms in people. Reasons of their formation, value, dangers. Use of these mechanisms in the sphere of sales and negotiations;
• Fists or brains? Protective reactions of clients with different genetic psycho-physiological data. Instant diagnostics and choice of language of the dialogue;
• Technology of working with aggressive clients and clients – “gophers”;
• Initiative. Conservatism. Prudence and boldness;
• Maniacal bents in politic, science and religion;
• Maniacal bents and its remote detection;
• Signs of sexual maniacal bents;
• Methods of imitating various forms of maniacal bents;
• Targeted practical use of knowledge of maniacal bents in sales’ processes, as well as for competent operation of subordinates for company benefits;
• Human locators;
• Genetic indicators of intelligence in a phenotype of a person;
• Instant determination of potential quality of intelligence of the partner;
• “Calculator” or “inventor” person;
• Genetic orientation of people. Fists, roses or brains?;
• Faultless choice of intellectual or sensual toolkit of stimulation for a buyer or a client;
• Propensity to hypersensitive perception;
Techniques for working with a “difficult” buyer;
• Methods: technologies of posing questions depending on the phenotype of a client;
• Indicators to pragmatic perception, commercial propensities;
• Express-detection of useful and useless clients;
• Hypertrophied desire for career;
• Universal intelligence;
• Features of the client’s efficiency;
• Power or authority;
• Tendencies to megalomania; 
• Illustrations of characters on portraits of celebrities;
• Second locator of a person, or, the generator of feelings;
• Sluggishness, tactfulness, thoughtfulness;
• Techniques for working with sluggish and sensual clients;
• Concreteness, speed of reaction, possible impudence;                                                 
• Typical errors by workimg with clients;
• Nonplastic, polar perception of associates;                                                                          
• Phenotype of a provoker;
• Temperament;                                                                                                                 
• Pedantry, propensity to accuracy, “syndrome of a woodpecker”;
• “Master keys and secrets” for the course of negotiations or sales with “bores”;
• Indicators of nervous system. “Detonator” people. Security measures;
• Propensity to cruelty, ferocity;
• Third locator on a human face;
• Predators and muddle-headed people;
• Dangerous partners with genetic suspiciousness and “eagle-eyes”;
• The world of colors: “Blond knaves”, “engineers”, “misanthropes”, “mystics”…;
• Propensity to specific perception of the world;
• Fast anonymous determination of sexual non-realized potential and the concealed propensities to dissoluteness or debauchery. Using these buyers’ features for sales‘ optimization;
• Dangerous features and their diagnostics - genetic propensity to “heroically mad”, uncontrollable acts (to violence, up to murder, narcotism, fanatical religion, depression, suicides, and extreme acts). Safety precautions by working with such clients;
• Techniques for working with “special” buyers. Competently paid compliments, “DAO – backheel”, or oratorical methods of “Fuhrers” for commerce, religion, network marketing and policy …;
• Interrelation of handwriting and person’s instant condition;
• Graphology training;

“Six sick slick slim sycamore saplings.”
“A box of biscuits, a batch of mixed biscuits”
“A skunk sat on a stump and thunk the stump stunk,
but the stump thunk the skunk stunk.”

("Мама мыла раму".
"Клара украла у Карла кораллы".
"На дворе трава, на траве дрова".)

• Training of emancipation “form a gopher till a Catman”;
• Fourth locator: genetic propensity to capacity of efficiency or cynical moralism, to obstinacy, impudence, graceful garrulity, double truth, “stringing everybody along”, reserve, sexual sensuality, childishness or callousness;
• Smile of a “shark” and smile of a “hairy mongrel”;                                
• Determination of resoluteness and stubbornness;
• Propensity to irascibility;
• Propensity to excessive psychological flexibility, up to falsity;
• Diligence, ingratiating;
• Definition of predispositions of “gratis hunting” people, who will always find a way, how they can professionally and “spiritually” live at your expense (including sales’ processes);
• Genetic propensities to virtuosity;
• Determination of prospective stupidity;
• Communicativeness and opposite features;
• Mimicry, as a result of unidirectional long emotions and experiences;
• Technique of clients’ seductive manipulating.

Examination on the learned material.
The big training “Competition to FBI”, or uncovering the unreliable partners, subordinated, sellers etc.



The express-diagnostics on the photos presented by the audience (concrete demonstration of practical capacity of the technology).

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