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The course program of phenotypology is constructed so that the listener could master the given technology irrespective of specificity of his education and a kind of the occupation. Age of the listeners is without restrictions, starting with 14 years. Quantity of listeners in a group is from 10 to 20 persons (at corporate training the quantity of listeners in a group can be changed). At the courses in other cities of Estonia and in other states the quantity of listeners and the training schedule is coordinated separately.


Duration of the course is 28 class periods. The training program includes:
- Theoretical material (a jaw, a chin, a neck, a nose, ears, lips, eyes, eyebrows, a skull, cheekbones),
- Practical training (mini - examinations, work with photos),
- Trainings for acquisition of practical skills:
- Drawing up a portrait of the ”ideal” partner, client,
- “Anthropological museum, year 3000”,
- “Concentration camp”,
- ”Competition to FBI” (under the set descriptions of characters of 2 persons it is necessary to find them out of 30 photos constantly changing on the screen in a mode of slide show of each 8 seconds). To the termination of the course not less than 70 % of participants of a group can fulfill this task (“win”), homework, etc.

- To the termination of the course there is an examination and delivery of certificates.

Discounts are given to groups (10-20 persons).
At corporate training the program of training and the schedule of employment are made at customer’s will. Individual form of training is also possible.

Schedule of the courses- in Estonia, in Latvia
For interested people, who would like to learn more about the course of phenotypology periodically free fact-finding presentations of the course are held (see the PRESENTATION section).

For the additional information, please, address: info [at]  or by phone  +37258008221. 
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