Can you define, who is on a photo?

The majority of us knows, how much important it is to be able to define (not during 3-5-10 years), what kind of person is standing in front of you, when making a bargain (didn’t have time to define? Didn’t guess? Made a mistake? Everything’s lost!), in a family, coexistence, by communication with children and in attempts of their upbringing, in intercourse with acquaintances and strangers, with neighbors, clients, by employing, with subordinates, authority, with teachers at school, with pupils, students, business partners etc. Who is beside you?
Sometimes people tend to say: “I need to talk with a person for 5-10 minutes, and it’s enough for me to know, who he really is!” Sounds good, still most likely these are just elusions frequently verging on naive self-confidence. Of course, we can’t neglect intuition, but almost nobody can say for sure that exactly this moment intuition is giving him a hint and that this hint is pat, telling about the features of the person you are looking at. It is very difficult, sometimes even impossible to distinct intuitive tips form our “favorite” and “beloved” stereotypes. He has a good hairstyle, clean-shaven, he has proper shoos, he’s neat, has a tie, is able to speak in a persuasive manner – that means he’s a good person and a responsible clerk, or, perhaps, he is not, well, we shall see! This is the way business partners, employees – men and women – are chosen more often than not. And then in a month or two (a year or 3,5,10) we say “Ops! Wrong one. All hopes in vain. That was a mistake. Well, this is no big deal. We’ll replace him.” Still there are money, effort and time wasted in vain. And here we go all over again! You may not agree, you may argue. Let us see and pass to the practice. Try and then it’ll clarify itself.

                                                    Can you define?

- Who of these two people is more enterprising and quick on his(her) toes (who doesn’t need to be to kick his(her) heels all the time; who can adapt him(her)self better to the changes at work, in a family etc.)?
- Who (if this would be your husband (wife), client subordinate, boss, child, parent) perceives more brief and concrete way of speaking, or else – he (she) will loose his temper, which means constant conflicts and misunderstanding?
- With whom should you avoid using aggression and pressure in conversations, actions, bargaining (intensive response is expected, even up to strong aggression are expected. That means negotiations , bargain or just a conversation can be ruined)?
- Who will demonstrate more courage (in a bargain, negotiations, at work on a specific position)?
- Who should be trusted less (it seems he (she) agrees, he (she) is smiling, sill you can’t grasp him (her))?
- Who is more stubborn? It could be very unpleasant to run up against this feature.
- Who is cautious like a carnivore? You can’t trick him (her) that easy!
- Who could fall for the bait, because of his (her) carving for authority? Some don’t care about authority, you’ll break a lance over it, ad he (she) will hit the roof, which means – no bargaining, and the case is family – misunderstanding, dissension.
- For whom details and pieces of subtlety are very essential (pedant),and who just need it in general?
- Who is more flexible?
- Who mustn’t be driven out of his(her) wits, who is able to do a queer, which is sometimes not funny at all?
- Who will strive for earning money hard and who will just try get them, doing nothing?
- Who is more likely to be a leader in family, work collective etc.? If somebody dares to oppose his leadership, he will be put on his place.
- Who is able to lead his(her) own business?
- Who needs to be to taken by the collar and pulled ahead and be controlled at the same time?
- Who could be the best salesman(woman), selling anything – wrecked rusty nails if you like?
- Who will be always inclined for sensual pleasures (in a family, partnership. This features is inadmissible – you will hope for results in vain, although the semblance of activity can confuse for a long time – waste your effort, money, time)?
- Who is capable of making escapades out of nothing, just expressing his(her) creative extremeness?

All these features and many other could be recognizes in advance, not knowing the person. These unique opportunities are given by mastering phenotypology.

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