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About the course of phenotypology.

Olga. The Concorde, the USA. Student. August, 2007.

“Many thanks for the course and a unique possibility to learn the things, of that the most part the population has no even the slightest idea! I’m sure, that, using this knowledge, it becomes much easier to communicate with the world around you. Thanks for initiative at teaching.”

Elena. St. Petersburg. August, 2007.

“Super!!! In all means! Very interesting and vital material! But, if there was no patience, experience and ability of the teachers to present the material on a silver plate for the pupils, it would be difficult to make it for 5 days. So special thanks to the trainer Igor Lejchonok”.

Irina. The inspector. May, 2007.

“I thank this team for the possibility to learn and use unveiling of one of the rules of the nature.
I find the proof to it every day, and each time to a T! I’m delighted!”

Elena. Tallinn. June, 2007.
“I thank you for a unique course! Everything ingenious is simple!”

Inga. Tallinn. June, 2007.
“The course was very interesting, informative and positive. It became easier to understand myself and people surrounding me. I started to observe people who I communicate with and now I claim all the time - how much the character traits depend on the phenotype! It is interesting to look at people and understand, why they conduct themselves this way, not other. Super!!! The teaching manner was also very pleasant.”

Marina. Tallinn. June, 2007.
“Many thanks for super - mega - positive emotions!!! I wish many - many successes in further teaching of phenotypology!!!”

Sergey, the expert in advertising. Tallinn. June, 2007.
“Having understood myself, I became kinder towards my associates. Much became clearer in the world around me, the society and close people. I will put this technology into practice in the name of Good. I hope to live the remained lifespan with better benefit. I will bring up children for their own welfare, developing their positive and correcting their negative character traits. My life became more intelligent, brighter, there is less fog in it now.”

Elena, the head of sale NS King. Tallinn. March, 2007.
“I would like to express our general gratitude to the trainer Igor Lejchonok.
Sellers of firm NS King have heard 3-day course on phenotypology with huge
pleasure and interest. The received knowledge has helped our workers to treat people easier and with more understanding. Here are only some of the responses:
- I’ve percepted the course very positively. It is always desirable to understand acts and behavior of people. I would continue the training further with great pleasure.
- It is the very case, when the personal interest encounters with the industrial necessity. It became easier to understand the relatives and myself.
- Very interesting training. In my opinion, it is extremely necessary for all sellers.
- In the services sector it is very important, as it is possible to understand better the desires and requirements of the clients and to find common language.
- Acting of people became more understandable to me, it is easier to find a correct approach to each other, and different methods give the chance to avoid unnecessary conflicts and even stresses.”

Yanina, 31 year, the businessman, Tallinn, April, 2006.
“I liked the course and technology very much. The Main thing is that it relieves from illusions in relationships with people and in yourself! I don’t have any more illusions about myself, I know, who I am, and what I’m capable of! I know, with whom I live in my family, and what approximately can I expect from them (and sometimes I know it precisely).
I apply it in family, in activities, and children upbringing.
I will try to involve as much people as possible in the given technology, so that they also could cease being in illusions, concerning themselves and others.
Artistic gifts of the lecturers and their professionalism are admirable. They are actors of the blue-chip!”

Elite, 36 years, the sales agent, Riga, March, 2007.
“Phetypology is super! I think, that it is necessary to everyone, who wishes to succeed in any activities. It helps working with people very much. It helps me with my family too.
I think, that children also need to learn it.”

Diana, 42 years, the head of sales, Riga, October, 2007.
“After a course, many of my “why?” questions became clear. I found the answers in relations with people. It is all because of genetics! This is the knowledge, which gives the chance not to stand in front of the closed door. It became easier to live. It is simple to convey something to the opponent in the clear language, which also makes easier the way to receive favorable result for both. It became interesting to stand in a queue: There is much to do now - to observe, train. This technology, in my opinion, is necessary to children, as the school program. In general, it is necessary to everyone. The question is, how everyone sees the new possibility and its applicability for himself.”

Christina, 25 years, the secretary, Tallinn, June, 2006.
“ I have changed my attitude concerning other people, I now see the features of associates, which need special attention.”

Igor, 23 years, the businessman, Tallinn, May, 2006.
“First of all, I have learned new thing about myself. Heaps of complexes are gone.
I see application of this knowledge for myself everywhere on the planet, where there are people. And they are everywhere!”

Christina, 31 year, business lady, Tallinn, April, 2006.
“I have discovered new features of my character, which I didn’t know of, and it was quite pleasing. It was interesting to discover something new in my friends.
Knowledge is useful for application in personal relations (the man – woman relation), in searching for a soul mate. I liked the trainings on personal qualities.”

Charles, 54 years, the lecturer, sales, March, 2006.
“I have learnt a lot of important and useful things about myself, began to look at people in another way. I have taken much for my family life.”

Oleg, 35 years, the expert in the alarm system security, April, 2006.
“I began to look at people in an easier manner, relationships with my wife have changed for the best. I now know, how to choose a correct approach to a client. I see application of this technology in sales, family, with acquaintances, in the working team.”

Inga, 28 years, the teacher, April, 2006.
“Now I look at people in another way, as if through some special lenses.
I see application of this technology in work with children, colleagues, administration, in family and relations with friends.
I liked the sequence in explanations, clearness and concreteness in descriptions of features and characteristics.”

Svetlana, 34 years, the sales’ adviser, May, 2006.
“A tremendous course for personal growth and brain training! Now I perceive people in another way, I find an explanation to their behavior. Application - interpersonal relations, sales, business, life.”

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